Name and design inspired by the infamous 9 mile Redhead beach, our seasonal hazy Cherry Redhead is here! With real cherry flavour and a big hit of juicy American hops combined with a balanced malt body it's a super drinkable hazy red ale.

Vermont IPA yeast is perfect for a hazy, hoppy beer. It adds fruitiness to complement the big juicy American hop character and hangs around in the beer more so than most yeast strains adding body to the flavour and haze to the appearance.

CaraRed, Crystal and Carafa combine to create a ruby red beer with great caramel flavours to offset but not overpower the cherry and citrus fruitiness. Oat Malt is also used to round out the body and increase the general haziness.

The big American hop flavour comes from Citra and Amarillo. An early dry hop addition (day 1) helps biotransformation of the hop oils to really bring out the fruity flavours, and a second dry hop at the end of primary ferment acts as insurance that we get the hazy, hoppy, juicy result we’re after!

To top this beer off, and really make it stand out from the crowd, real cherry puree is added into the fermenter. It’s fruitier, more red, more hazy and more delicious as a result. Enjoy!

Style: Hazy Cherry Red Ale
Strength: 5.5%
Size: 375ml


MOANING LISA - The Canberra natives curated a playlist around the theme of 'Moving On'. These tracks are for kicking goals and finding a new authentic version of yourself ✨

Their sound operates on the edge of the grunge genre: somewhere between composed restraint and fuzzed-out, life-affirming alternative rock.

What track can’t you stop listening to right now?
'Want You That Way' by CLEWS. From the first listen, it sounds like a song that you've known your whole life. And that's a really good thing! They're so good at tapping in to those universal emotions we all feel but struggle to put in to words. 

When you’re enjoying a beverage, fave place to be and what are you doing? 
Petersham Bowlo after a long day's recording at Golden Retriever Studios across the road. That studio is our home-away-from-home, and so the idea of signing in at the Bowlo and then sitting outside next to the greens at sunset is just the perfect way to end the day.

Which locals should we be listening to and why?
Ooft, there are so many to pick from. Our fellow Canberra-bred, Melbourne-based artist Ashleigh Hazel just released a stunning debut track called 'Gemini'. Another amazing Canberra singer-songwriter Yasmine Hosseini also has a new one out called 'Carrots'. in terms of Melbourne artists, the last show we were all at together was seeing Eaglemont at Some Velvet Morning and we were completely blown away. 


THE JUNGLE GIANTS - This playlist is filled with tracks that are perfect for a solo boogie in the middle of your lounge room 🧡

The beloved Aussie Indie Rock legends most recent release "Sending Me Ur Loving" came in at number 8 on the Triple J Hottest 100 chart earlier this year. With a number of ARIA-certified Platinum and Gold singles under their belt, we can't wait to hear what they release next 😍🙌🏼

Peep the interview below answered by Andrew Dooris of The Jungle Giants.

What track can’t you stop listening to right now?
Is it True? (Four Tet Remix) by Tame Impala has been in regular to high circulation since its release. I love the way the song is completely reinterpreted and expressed in this remix. It plucked and honed in on these hidden heartbreaking undertones that were dormant in the original song from the lyrics and melody. 

When you’re enjoying a beverage, fave place to be and what are you doing? 
A sacred slightly boozy lunch has turned into a pillar of preparing for our shows - it’s our favourite thing! So, at a table, in a warm lit room surrounded by beautiful food, my band mates before we play a show.

Which locals should we be listening to and why?
Ex-Olympian - The solo project of a hero Melbourne musician Liam McGorry (Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins, Eagle and The Worm). He’s always been a warm gentle figure and this record “Afterlife” is a huge feat.

Stevan - A young energetic, gun-slinging, genre-hopping singer/songwriter/producer in the left of centre hip-hop world. I found after he featured on a Cosmo’s Midnight (also one to watch) song. His mixtape "Ontogeny" has depth way beyond his years and in a world of people trying to find Frank Ocean’s magic sauce, Stevan sounds pretty good doing it. 

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NINAJIRACHI - This playlist is filled with Nina's favourite bops from this summer ✨

Aussie triple-threat producer, songwriter and DJ Ninajrachi has been listed as one of Billboard's 5 Emerging Dance Artists to Watch we can't wait to hear what this young gun releases next 🔥

What track can’t you stop listening to right now?
'Wedbecutetoget-her' by o0o, I found it via a friend last year and I love it more and more every time I listen.

When you’re enjoying a beverage, fave place to be and what are you doing? 
Always with friends! I don't think I've ever enjoyed a beverage without my friends. In someone's backyard in the afternoon is always pretty nice. I love being by the water too. Usually we'd be laying in the sun between swims or listening to music and catching up, or both. Games nights are great for enjoying a beverage too.

Which locals should we be listening to and why?
Kota Banks, Nina Las Vegas, Laces, KUCKA, DZZ, Craterface, Lonelyspeck, Daine, the list could go on forever... But all of those artists have songs that I've been enjoying a lot this week and some of them are my really good friends too!

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JANNAH BETH - This playlist is filled with feel good summer bops 🌞🙌🏼

Jannah Beth is a drummer, turned singer/rapper with a realness you can't fake. Her sultry, soulful voice will be singing you into a lullaby one second and rapping the next. With a string of singles over the years, Jannah Beth has developed a unique sound, this is apparent in her latest release 'Interaction' - a blend of organic and electronic sounds and a call to action for compassionate interaction.

We sat down with Jannah and asked her a few questions 👀

What track can’t you stop listening to right now?
I have probably listened to 'Plastic 100' by Sampha a gazillion times and think I always will….

When you’re enjoying a beverage, fave place to be and what are you doing?
This year I’ve enjoyed my own home, lockdown aside I’d prefer to have all my friends over and we’d be sipping drinks and dancing to awesome tunes. Either that or at a show or at a fresh waterhole.

Which locals should we be listening to and why?
I would honestly need a few pages to get through my list so I’ve done my best to narrow down some of my picks. Each of these artists are extremely inspiring with an amazing sound and story who should be heard by all. I also may be biased as many people on this list are personal friends.True Vibenation, Mookhi, JamarzOnMarz, GLO, Huck, Hastings, Barkaa, Ribongia, Temgazi, Kobie Dee, Mike Champion, Kaiit, River Boy.

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In early 2019, CYBC brought on Newcastle-based J.J. King as Head Brewer and General Manager. J.J. comes with a wealth of experience in process engineering and production, working with fast-growing craft beer brands like 4 Pines and Green Beacon. He was at the helm of producing a bespoke beer with GTM touring band Trophy Eyes, creating the limited edition “Trophy EyePA”. This unique one-off brew concept will roll out with a chosen artist from each GTM line up in years to come.