Monthly Mixtape: Newcastle Live

As we jump into spring and give winter the bird we catch up with Dan and Bonnie from Newcastle Live ahead of them heading along to Bigsound and I asked them what local listens we should be giving a spin 


Newcastle Live is devoted to all the great music and events happening in the region. "From what's on to what matters" is their mantra. People visiting come to Newcastle Live to find out what's on and what matters. 

Dan, Bonnie - What track can’t you stop listening to right now?

DAN: ‘Be Here’ from Daphzie’s debut EP. Make sure you turn it up loud! 
BONNIE: Mojave’ from Hand Models debut EP Sofala. The lyric “I incite riots sometimes so I can protest my hate” says it all. Although I can’t get enough of ‘Feeling I’ve Felt Before’ by Soda Simulator

When you’re enjoying a beer, fave place to be and what are you doing? 

DAN: Standing on a bowling green watching some live and local music. 
BONNIE: Definitely having a dance anywhere that’s hosting live music.

Which locals should we be listening to and why?

DAN: The band playing some of the music they've written at the pub down the road from you. You'd be surprised just how much you'd love about your local music scene. And just by being there, you’ll encourage the pub to host more local bands playing their own tunes.
BONNIE: Completely agree with what Dan said but if I’m going to list just a few it would have to be Cooks and Bakers, The Appointments, Daphzie, Piper Butcher, Acacia Blue, Grace Aberhart, Chloe Gill and Slapjack. These are just some of the local artists that are representing Newcastle as young professionals. They are all so dedicated to shaping their sound, image and performance to the best of their ability.

Bands that should be on our radar….

Cooks and Bakers
Grace Turner
Hand Models
Turpentine Babycino
Acacia Blue
Chloe Gill
Grace Aberhart
Piper Butcher
The Appointments

Summer Red, Lager or Pale Ale?

DAN: I'm an absolute sucker for a delicious cold Lager. 
BONNIE: Pale ale or nothing!