Born out of a love of cold beverages, culinary delights and top notch tunes, Cattleyard Brewing Co (CYBC) emerged a few years ago from the paddocks of regional NSW. In 2017, the brainchild of the founders of six-stop regional touring festival Groovin the Moo (GTM) and the partners in charge of artist catering, patron catering and partnerships joined forces to create CYBC - and have been brewing liquid gold ever since. 

    Rod Little and Steve Halpin of Cattleyard Promotions have been at the helm of the regional national touring festival Groovin the Moo since its inception in 2005. Fernando Motti and Blake Smith of Motti & Smith, who have a wealth of experience in events, have been contracted to handle the festivals’ catering and partnerships since 2014. Seizing an opportunity to pour their love into a collective passion, they put their heads together to develop a tasty and thirst-quenching session beer. 

    After testing the initial brew on the GTM team with great results, the CYBC flagship beer Cattleyard Lager was canned and made available over the bars at the Maitland and Canberra legs of the festival in 2017. Cattleyard Pale Ale quickly followed with both beers available at all six festivals in 2018. In early 2019, CYBC brought in Newcastle-based J.J. King as Head Brewer and General Manager. J.J. comes with a wealth of experience in process engineering and production, working with fast growing craft beer brands like 4 Pines and Green Beacon. He was at the helm of producing a bespoke beer with GTM touring band Trophy Eyes, creating the limited edition “Trophy EyePA”. This unique one-off brew concept will roll out with a chosen artist from each GTM line up moving forward. 

    Later that year fellow Novacastrian Aaron Rich joined the team as Brand Representative and Sales Manager. With years of experience around the Newcastle hospitality scene, Aaron has become the friendly face of CYBC, even hand delivering cases to thirsty locals. With a fully formed team, CYBC has been focusing on expanding the core range and distribution and is available both on tap and in fridges across multiple Newcastle venues. Cattleyard’s range now includes a Lager, Pale Ale, Summer Red and offers same day delivery throughout Newcastle and also Sydney with partners Boozi. It is also proudly available for purchase nationally through BoozeBud